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Although they always cost me a fortune to insure (I always get mine covered through no-deposit site I have always associated the brand name, Mercedes, with quality, luxury and unmatched performance. The Mercedes C-class is a relatively affordable saloon model that was designed and produced for the middle-class market. I have owned several Merc's and they seem to get better every year.

I own the four-cylinder C300 in the 2016 Mercedes C-class series. What remain clear to me each time I drive this car are the significant improvements and adjustments that the manufacturer made over its predecessors. When I first took a look at the exterior design of the car then later took the driverís seat, I fell in love with it right away, and more importantly so did my wife.

The exterior design of my Mercedes C300 helps me in projecting an image of class and luxury. Indeed, the exterior combines both sleekness and exceptional elegance. The 17-inch alloy wheels make me enjoy a stable ride even when navigating uneven terrains. At night, my driving experience is usually peaceful and uneventful, thanks to the modern and adaptive LED headlights and tail lamps.

The seats of my C300 do not match the comfort that I expected from a Mercedes. Although they are powered and heated, I find them to be rigid and hard. However, the interior lighting of the cabin makes for a cool ambiance. This not only applies when I am driving but also when parked. In fact, this always makes it difficult for me to get out from the car. Passengers sitting at the back do not enjoy most of these great driving features and so I donít enjoy sitting at the back especially during long drives.

One thing I appreciate about my Mercedes C300 is how it easily offers me both prestige and power. The seven-speed automatic transmission works quite well with the turbocharged engine. While it is true that I always anticipate quality when buying a new Mercedes, I was impressed by the acceleration of the compact saloon. I would estimate that the car accelerates from zero to sixty miles per hour in about six seconds, and it does it smoothly too. What is more, my car obviously offers me better fuel efficiency than other bigger Mercedes models that I've owned.

This is a key area where the brand is a leader in the industry. The technology available in the C-class is cutting-edge. I find it easy to use the controls in the car and also appreciate the manner in which they are conveniently located. In a similar fashion, the display screen on my dashboard is responsive to touch and can be easily read even when driving. More to this, I enjoy making use of the cruise control, lane departure intervention, blind spot monitoring and partially autonomous steering wheel as a way of improving my driving experience and enhancing safety.

What adds to my comfort, both when driving and as a passenger, is the ample leg room that the car has. This is particularly important for me when driving on rough surfaces or when making sudden stops. My experience is always further improved by the ability of the C300 to tackle bends in an athletic style and to stop over relatively short distances.

The downside: my C300 does not deliver the extremely smooth and comfortable ride that I usually expect from a Mercedes. At the same time, the lack of comfort in the rear of the car work to take away the aspect of luxury. So it's not perfect. However for power and prestige I think it's a bargain at it's price range and I still love it. Perhaps it's time I weaned myself off the big gas guzzlers.


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